Welcome to the Boone Grove Christian Church Homepage. This website was established largely so that you can follow pastor jim’s walk through cancer. Please read the cover letter first (Home page) and then click on pastor jim’s journal to follow his walk. Naturally, we also hope that through the many tabs, you will also learn about the:                 

Boone Grove Christian Church


Hello and Peace be with You!

My name is Jim Norris. I am the Pastor of the Boone Grove Christian Church near Valparaiso, Indiana. I am asking for your help.  But first, I need to tell you my story.

On March 9, 2012, I had a lump removed from under my right armpit that was immediately diagnosed as Non-Hodgkin’s Follicular Lymphoma (cancer for short). The doctors said that I lit up my PET scan like a Christmas tree. One doctor put me at a stage 4 while my Oncologist more optimistically put it at a stage 3.

Immediately after my diagnoses many friends around the country began praying for my healing. My heart goes out to each and every one of them. My personal prayer, however, is of a different nature. I have every intention to fight the good fight along with my doctors.  But my personal prayer, and my request for your prayers, is that God use my cancer and this battle to enhance His Kingdom.

So I ask for your prayers that His Kingdom is enhanced by using my valley. I also ask that you refer this site to all your friends and families so that they can follow my progress. Encourage them to save it among their favorites so they can read it weekly like a devotional. If you pass it on, and they pass it on, and others pass it on,  my prayer is that someone will read it that will turn their lives over to Christ Jesus and realize that salvation is theirs for the asking.

Although chemo has begun and my body and mind are undergoing a whirlwind of changes, I hope to write a short blog once or twice a week. My intention is to write about how the daily changes in my body are affecting my intimate relationship with my Savior.

You’ll also find a number of links on this website. One link is called “Donations”. Please understand that these donations are not for me. I am the pastor of a small, beautiful country church. My congregation has rallied around me with amazing support. But the fact is, I am unable to do some of the things I once could from an organizational & physical standpoint. If you could find it in your heart to make a donation it would be helpful to my entire congregation.

Other links will direct you to our calendar page and a recommended reading section. As I am an avid reader, this list will include books and scriptures that have most influenced my life. There will also be “Comments” section where you can give me your thoughts, concerns and prayers that I would be happy to lift up for you (poor as my prayers are).

I thank you for helping me in my quest and pray for the day when I can thank each and every one of you in the Kingdom of Heaven.


jim norris
pastor, Boone Grove Christian Church