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  1. Les Coburn says:

    I remember my youth when my grandfather Rev. Walter Coburn was overseeing his flock here.

  2. Pastor- I realize that many pastors start to look at/project their schedules at end of the year for next year. As such, I hope that you’ll consider me as a guest speaker. I’ve provided some info on my background for reference –

    I’m a retired Navy SEAL Commander back from Afghanistan. I’m an evangelist and resettled in Aurora, Illinois. My background is unique as I’ve lived in many countries and have had many exciting and remarkable experiences to draw from. My primary objectives when I minister are – 1) salvation of souls; 2) to stir Christians towards fervency and commitment; and 3) to urge people towards truth of what’s happening in America and world. My website: provides more information on me and my background. I’m a team player and desire to help pastors with their vision for their communities and beyond as they serve Jesus Christ. I hope that you will consider me as a guest speaker. It’s not about me, it’s about Jesus. My phone number – 630-892-5458. Some points-of-contact where I’ve ministered at –

    – Hagerstown Church of Nazarene, Pastor Bob Fannin, 765-489-5440
    – Soul Harbor, Pastor Marlin Fannin,765-533-6433
    – Gospel Light Chapel, Pastor Loyce Webb, 765-649-0645
    – East Aurora Wesleyan Church, Pastor Rich Nightingale, 716-652-0392
    – Promise Land Ministries, Pastor Fred McGhee, 765-643-3875
    – Tuscarora Indian Missions Church, Pastor Don Robinson, 716-791-8966
    – Fairmount Church of God, Pastor Gleason Hackett, 765-393-1011
    – Brick by Brick Church, Pastor Jim Loos, 716-631-3753
    – Heritage Baptist Church, Pastor Tim Young, 315-597-2222
    – Unity Baptist Church, Pastor Kelly Coleman, 318-428-8863
    – Beulah Baptist Church, Pastor Ken Herring, 318-428-3843
    – New Zion’s Baptist Church, Pastor Greg Dunn, 318-428-8310
    – Greensburg Wesleyan Church, Pastor Doug Preston, 812-663-6230
    – Faith Assembly of God, Pastor Walt Weaver, 765-649-6612
    – Living Waters Church, Pastor Bruce Wheeler, 812-339-4117
    – Turning Point Church, Pastor Don Beasley, 815-288-2625
    – Cornerstone Community Church, Pastor Randy Murphy, 765-724-7991
    – Grace Holiness Church, Pastor Tim Wiford, 765-635-5275
    – Westside Community Church, Pastor Dennis Aud, 812-342-8464
    – Voice for Christ, Pastor Dean Lunsford, 765-938-9646
    – Monrovia Church of the Nazarene, Pastor Steve Pitman, 765-516-0483
    – Smyrna Baptist Church, Pastor Larry Delon, 765-520-8048
    – Golden Heart Fellowship, Pastor Marvin Carroll, 907-460-4109
    – Calvary Baptist Church, Pastor John Reynolds, 765-825-6651
    – Lebanon Full Gospel Church, Pastor Jack Bishop, 630-897-3585
    – Daybreak Community Church, Pastor Richard Cole, 765-534-3500
    – Fairmount United Methodist Church, Pastor Amy Covington, 765-948-4253
    – First Assembly of God, Pastor Jay Litherland, 765-472-1288
    – Life Church of Gaylord, Pastor Steve Scheer, 989-858-0793
    – Genesis Community Church, Pastor Jeff Barrett, 630-859-3333
    – Village Bible Church, Pastor Ray Gurunian, 630-668-4647
    – Millbrook United Methodist Church, Pastor Kent Svendsen, 815-786-4106
    – Chapel of Praise (Four Square), Pastor David Ross, 765-472-4861
    – Life Church (Assembly of God), Pastor Scott Tischler, 804-526-7000
    – Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Pastor Jack Lee, 919-552-4634
    – Chicago HUB Ministries, Director Nancy Magiera, 847-401-8554

    Many blessings to you,

  3. Karen S. says:

    Your journal entries are truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing this most difficult journey with us, on such an intimate level. You are one of the humblest people I know and I admire that about you and the fact that you proclaim God’s word and truth so boldly. God bless you always.

  4. Melissa Kreiger says:

    Just wanted to first wish you a Merry Christmas to you and your wife and family. I am Dorthy Kreigers daughter in law Missy and I just want to thank you very much for opening your church to me and my family and making me feel very welcome. I also just want to let you know you are an inspiration to me I just got done reading the church website and specially your journal about you. I really enjoyed reading all about you and learning your ups and downs and how god gets you through. Another reason you are inspiration to me is my dad passed away from non hopkins lymphoma last year he found out he had it and was in stage 4 and passed away 2 weeks later so i really hope they find a cure for all cancers . I really would like to sit down and talk to you about faith and also joining the church and getting my husband baptised .I will also be praying for you to stay well. Thanks for listening. Missy Kreiger See you Sunday

  5. Neil Goheen says:

    In our family has been a very old, ornate piano bench, (only one “posterior” wide). My mother, who was from Boone grove, born 1918, said that her father got it after a fire ravaged the Boone Grove christian Church. I believe the fire occured in the early 190’s, as my mother said she was very young at the time. Anyway, I was wondering if the Church would like to take possesion of it again, after all these years? I do not know if you have any other antiquities from the Churchs’ history or not. The fabic on the bench appears to be original, the carvings are all in good shape. I think it needs to be “home”. I live just north of Terre Haute. I do not make regular trips back home – LaPorte area – However I will be happy to schedule one in. let me know your thoughts and we can go from there.

    Neil R Goheen

  6. Gwen Knapp says:

    I was told that my gg-grandfather was a member of this church, circa 1870-1930ish. His name was Calvin Byron Moore. His mother was Louisa Huffman Morgan Moore. The family actually lived right down the road on 350 W. I’m interested in knowing if the Church might have any historical information on this family (baptism, death, etc.). I’m missing information on Louisa’s sister Roxanna and her mother, Mary. I am told that her brother, Oliver Huffman, also attended the church.

    Thank you,
    Gwen Knapp

  7. John Payne says:

    I’m not sure what to say as I think it all has already been said.
    Per you request I’m leaving a comment Jim.

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